California goes Bankrupt.
San francisco goes BK
Electricity becomes unreliable as long delayed maintenance and investment in generation capacity begins to reveal itself
or everybody is bailed out and severe inflation begins. It impossible to determine when the threshold between collapse and hyperinflation is crossed.
Wells fargo and Bank of America go BK or rescued but the stockholders are wiped out.
tax revenues plummet as real estate and financial industries suffer along with tech.
Retail jobs plummet as do restaurant jobs and hotel jobs.
Many young folks move back home with mom or dad.
Prostitution becomes more competitive as more good looking twenty somethings seek alternative employment.
tall good looking boys and gals with ivy league management degrees bring considerable marketing expertise into the escort industry, just as in Weimer Germany.
Muni ridership explodes.
  Evicted and foreclosed rednecks descend on Castro to gay bash, meet little resistence at irst, but then are shot at by enraged Pink pistols. Rednecks get the message. Poor folks on social seccurity and ficed incomes enjoy a brief improvement in living standards as prices drop.