LPSF Website lead article and US invsation of a sovereign state

LPSF stance: support the rebels, but not the U.S. and its allies takeover.

Warm regards, Michael

Although with the caveat that the US involvement on the rebels' behalf is in itself suspicious. Interesting that today the UAE agreed to join the 'Coalition' against Libya? They've also sent troops to uphold the monarchy in Bahrain. The UAE too, is home to Halliburton, the royal family there has a huge financial interest in Newscorp, and the former head of Blackwater works as a consultant to their government.

  Amazing too how these dictators like Qaddafi never their countries into 'humanitarian crises' that need the attention of 'the Community of Nations' until the Multinational Corporate Mafia has a vested interest in taking over their countries.

  The silly excuse given about Qaddafi 'killing his own people' followed by 'Coalition' airstrikes killing Libyan people could only be palmed off on a deadheaded populace like the American ones. Does anybody believe that if an armed revolt erupted in the United States (backed by foreign financial interests) that our own government wouldn't react with overwhelming force; or that they would simply bow to the 'Community of Nations' are passively resign as they insist Qaddafi do?

   The Libyan government is the concern of the Libyan people. But Wall Street wants to run their country just like they are running ours.

Yep, so true, Eric. Not good. However, I am still in there fighting it out. How about the tabling at S.F. State including some stuff about the fact that libertarians are non-interventionists?