[lpsf] Re: [ba-liberty] Starchild speaking at protest over Palantir's collaboration with Trump on surveillance technology


  You say "the American people", but really you're talking about the colossus known as the U.S. government. Two different things! The standard for stopping and detaining anyone at a border should be the same as the standard for stopping and detaining anyone anywhere else – no government anywhere should stop and detain anyone against their will without probable cause, articulated in writing at the time by the law enforcement personnel making the decision and justified with reference to the appropriate law(s), so that there is "rule of law" and accountability, not "rule of man" and abuse of power.

  I don't think I've ever advocated what you say I've advocated. I have said that sometimes a government military intervention in another country may be the lesser evil, for instance if egregious human rights violations are occurring under some regime and the intervention is aimed at stopping this. As far as I'm concerned, the goal is maximum freedom, minimum government, worldwide (minimizing aggression, i.e. initiation of force).

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P.S. – "Human trafficking" is a term that gets used to include a lot of things which are not real crimes (see e.g. http://www.traffickingpolicyresearchproject.org/ ). Wiktionary defines "racketeering" simply as "The criminal action of being involved in a racket." In other words, the government authorities whom you apparently want to be able to stop people at borders on suspicion of racketeering, are themselves involved in racketeering.


Given your visceral hatred of the police I am surprised that you think there could ever be any legitimate for any police officer to detain anyone anywhere for any reason. Why don't you just come out and say that you think all police departments should be disbanded and citizens left to defend themselves against robbers, murderers and such.

The battle between the police and criminals is rather like a wrestling match. You want to impose all sorts of rules on the police so as to make it impossible for them to do anything. One thing is for sure: the criminals will not have to obey any such rules.


  My hatred is not for police officers as individual people, it is for the violations of people's rights that too many of them engage in, and the evil system they work for that allows or even encourages such abuses.

  I am for police reform, but if they cannot be reformed, then yes, they should be abolished. The Independent Institute's Anthony Gregory makes a good argument for why all police departments should indeed be disbanded, and citizens left to keep more of their tax money with less threat of having their homes broken into, civil liberties violated, or property seized, under color of law:


  You talk of "criminals" as if the government itself were not a criminal gang, and its "law enforcers" not the "muscle" of that criminal gang. Indeed, the criminals already act as if they do not have to obey the rules imposed on them (the Constitution)!

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I share Starchild's view on this. NONE of my personal or vicarious encounters with police have been positive, and I am a law abiding citizen. I know a fellow who is a retired officer and he is actually a pretty nice guy as far as I can tell, now, but I cannot bear to listen to his bragging about the things he did when he was on the force. The tone. The attitude. Like it was a challenge to search through the statutes and find some ridiculous and obscure law that he could start nailing people on, oftentimes paperwork violations. And above the law? Yes, of course. That was a given. What that tells me is the culture is pervasive, permeating. Even the good ones get assimilated. Just like politicians who get elected and go to Washington (all except Ron Paul, of course).

Nina Don’t threaten or initiate force, or ask politicians to do it for you.

I agree….just got pulled over for a seatbelt violation. The cop looked like he was on steroids, muscles bulging as were the veins on his neck. He was red faced pissed off and literally yelling at me. What kind of guy is that?


The problem with all Govt police is they take an oath to violate your rights if you engage in certain peaceful activities including driving without a seatbelt or license, prostitution, and recreational drug use or sales.

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