LPSF Purpose Statement - REVISED EDITION

Dear Everyone;

This is a modified version of what Phil Berg wrote earlier. Please review it and let us know what your thoughts are on the revised edition.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian


Welcome to the - Libertarian Party of San Francisco

As Libertarians we look for ways to help envision and create a more peaceful, civil and compassionate City - how about you?

As Libertarians we believe deep in our hearts that violence towards innocents is wrong - how about you?

As Libertarians we long for a society where people treat themselves and others with respect and dignity - how about you?

As Libertarians we envision a City where hundreds or thousands of ways are invented and tried to improve: education, cure diseases and help the less fortunate and improve the health of our environment – how about you?

Do these philosophical concepts resonate with you?

Welcome to the Libertarian Party of San Francisco.

As Libertarians –

We embrace the classic freedom-loving roots of San Francisco. When we walk around this beautiful city we are awed by the splendor of the old City built in the months after the earthquake.

We smile at the alley names South of Market - named after the most beloved Madams of a freewheeling 49er Gold Rush San Francisco. We look at the thousands of Victorian “painted ladies” which rose from the ashes and stand solid a hundred years later.

We wonder how the freewheeling lawlessness after the earthquake could have produced such a wholesome urbanity. There was no planning commission - no planning appeals board - no building permits - no zoning. Just San Franciscans showing the nation and the world - We are the City that knows how.

We marvel at great social innovations coming from the young people in our City. We applaud those in our group who are teaching the homeless and the addicted how to think differently about themselves and their place in the world. We applaud our members who have tried feeding the homeless in style, with table cloths, silver ware and candles reminding them of a better life awaiting them.

We take diversity to heart - we are a diverse people - free to follow our hearts.

A diverse people when relieved of the burdens of war, taxation, and inflation can accomplish many tasks. A diverse people, can believe in compassion for themselves, their children, their neighbors, their community, their city, their country, and the world.

Government will always work for the powerful, the connected and the war-makers. Government will always hold out the promise of helping the poor but will deliver the goods to the rich. We anticipate waking San Franciscan's to this reality.

Welcome to the - Libertarian Party of San Francisco

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