LPSF purchase Gary Johnson postcards for local distribution/activism? [2 Attachments]

Greetings all,

  I recently designed a postcard to promote the Gary Johnson campaign this presidential election year, and ordered 500 of them. I'm quite happy with how they came out, and am making good use of them. However I can see at the rate I am distributing them that these are not going to last very long, and I thought I'd see whether the LPSF might be interested in placing a larger order. Here is how they look:

front image:

Hi Starchild! Sorry for the late response on this one--I read it and meant to go back to answer it and then forgot to. I like the postcards and intend for the LPSF to do some campaigning for Gary Johnson after Labor Day. I don't have a single GJ bit of material (except for one of your buttons from Pride), which is pitiful in a Presidential election year. What kind of money are you talking about? We definitely need some campaign goodies for Gary Johnson. I will contact Forest Baker (from the GJ campaign who I met at the airport returning from the national convention) who lives in San Jose about getting campaign material after the ballot measures project next month. But your postcards are good and I'd like to get and use them.

By the way, too lazy to go back and find your email about any contacts with the MTC and ABAG. I don't have any special contacts with any of those bureaucrats nor do I want any. But you're good at that. Please try to get ahold of them--and bother them with your troublesome and annoying questions. They are the most ANTI-TRANSPARENT folks you will ever run into. Just reading about the hoopla with sneaking in the VMT tax gets my blood going again. Please BOTHER them!


Hi Aubrey,

  Good to hear you, I was actually just thinking about writing again about this. I propose we order at least 5000.

  Don't you have a few more of the "Live Free"/Statue of Liberty buttons left over from the Pride booth, or did someone else wind up with those?

  I'll try to look into MTC and ABAG. :slight_smile:

  Right now I am thinking of an editorial cartoon...

  A person labeled "voters" is holding a big, stinking trash bag labeled "A BAG" at arms length, and holding their nose away in disgust. Visible inside the open mouth of the bag would be rotten moldy pizza and fish labeled "Plan Bay Area" and "Agenda 21". The bag would have little flies buzzing around it, which on close inspection would be revealed as men and women in suits, but with fly wings and antennae, representing bureaucrats.

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LASPAC has Johnson campaign material available for $1 for a limited
time. See <URL: http://laspac.org/ >.

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My two cents. I can see spending $1 as Chris mentioned, and seeing how/if we actually distribute the material. Without a plan, commitment from activists I don't see spending money for 5000 cards. BTW how many of us worked at distributing the LPSF business cards we purchased a few years ago. An alternative I can visualize is a commitment from at least 4 of us to pick a day to distribute door hangers.


Hi All! Thanks to Chris for the posting and also to Marcy for her good common three cents worth. I couldn't find the $1 special but perused what's available at the website. It's all pretty affordable, so I will order the Gary Johnson door hangers myself (my donation). If you get a chance, please take a look at the Gary Johnson door hangers and let me know what you think about which version to order (the provocative version or the traditional version).


Hi Starchild! Sorry, but I have to agree with Marcy that, with the low level of LPSF activism, 5000 postcards would be a bit of overkill. However, the next time I see you, why don't you show them to me and perhaps I'll go in for some myself. They are good postcards and, while SF will sadly still go overwhelmingly for Obama, an attractive postcard may give some folks something to think about.

I just looked around some more and could find no additional "Live Free" buttons. But I did find your cookie jar that we used for donations! I will return it to you the next time I see you.

Love your cartoon idea. Did you hear about how the Plan Bay Area folks sneaked the VMT tax into their plan after public input was closed? Not mentioned in a forthright manner, just slipped in somewhere in a slide presentation--and not at the beginning either. I just read about it this week. They're monsters.


Hi Aubrey,

Yes! I really liked the door hangers also. I would prefer the traditional version, since the general public may lack the Libertarian looney steak and miss the point of the provocative one! Going out as a group to distribute the hangers, with pictures for the LP newsletter and drinks afterwards, was fun a couple of years ago. I suggest a repeat!

I will also contribute with some hangers if it looks like we have good participation.


The $1 limited-time sale apparently hit its time limit between my
posting and now. Still pretty cheap, though, as you say.