lpsf poster

Okay, the posters are now safe and sound (more or less) at my apartment
in San Francisco (Archstone South of Market at Third and Folsom, in case
anyone wants to stop by and see them -- they are very nice -- kudos to

But for future reference, when re-ordering copies, we need to go ahead
and have UPS deliver them. There's simply no way UPS could cause more
damage to these than we just have, between transporting them in the back
seat of Jeremy's convertible and then trying to carry them through my
apartment courtyard (and failing) and finally having to strap them to my
biggest suitcase to pull them across the courtyard to my apartment.
These posters were NOT on a skid. They were in a thin brown paper bag
that was totally incapable of supporting their weight. And there's no
way special packaging or UPS air shipping could be more expensive than
the parking ticket Jeremy just got behind my apartment.

From first glance, it looks like we only messed up the top half-dozen or
so, and those edges can probably be covered if framed properly. But I
doubt UPS would have done any more damage. Lesson learned. The
incredibly vehicle-challenged LPSF should rely on shipping professionals
for direct home/office delivery of such items in the future. :slight_smile:


Philip Berg wrote: