LPSF Poster

I say we spend the money....comments please

Hi Phil,

You asked for feedback regarding the cost of the LPSF poster. I
agree that we should have Scott finalize the poster and pay him his
$200 (it was not clear to me whether that was his total fee, but I
believe that is what he was saying). I also think that we should ask
Scott to take charge of a two color (rather than full color)printing.

Regarding quantity, 100 seems like a lot, especially since we do not
know whether we can easily sell posters. But, I would be OK with 100
if quantity brings down the price of printing.

Thanks, Phil.


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I say we spend the money....comments please
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> Philip Berg wrote:
>> Lets keep it two color and standard poster size in the range of

3 feet

>> by four feet. Right now we have 300 hundred budgeted. How much

do you

>> extimate is your fee and how much for printing 100 or so

copies. with

>> an estimate for more or less quantity. We need it by Gay Pride


>> in San Francisco. which is the third weekend in June
>> Thanks
>> Phil.
> Um, well, I'm afraid your budget won't even cover the cost of


> posters that size. Not from any place I can find on the Web. You


> be able to find a local silk screen printer who will do the job

for less

> (I'm in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the only place here that prints

that size

> is very expensive.). If you step down to 24" x 36" there are a


> places that will do full-color in that quantity for a little

under $300.

> But I'd want $200 for my fee (I spent six hours getting the art

to its