[lpsf] My correspondence with mayoral candidate Amy Farah-Weiss

Interesting exchange. I could not access Amy's article in Bay Citizen via the link, so I Googled. https://www.baycitizen.org/blogs/citizen-blog/collaborative-and-equitable-1/

Amy's proposed alternative to Adachi's Proposition B suggests that workers, including government workers, earn what would afford them a comfortable living. This is a similar approach to that of calling for a "living wage."

Regarding the YIMBY part, I will quote what someone recently asked me, "Does anyone have a right to live in San Francisco?" I think that question is at the core of the argument. The mundane questions, such as where will the water, financing, and infrastructure to support population increase come from, should be considered, but take second stage.


  Amy Farah-Weiss, aka "YIMBY/Weiss", is running for mayor of San Francisco. Mike Denny posted a link to an article about her campaign here -- http://sfist.com/2015/03/27/ed_lee_has_a_mayoral_opponent_amy_f.php -- and she has been replying to some of the comments people have posted in the reader comments section.
  Seeing that, I decided to take the opportunity to ask her some questions myself. While her campaigning on the "Yes In My Back Yard" acronym is promising, I don't know her or what she really stands for. There have been some doubts expressed on the SF Bay Area Renters Federation list (sfbarentersfed@..., for those interested in supporting the fight to allow more housing to be built) about how genuinely YIMBY she really is.

  I have my own doubts that she is more libertarian than potential Libertarian Party member Eric DuPree, an LPSF-discuss list participant who is also running for mayor, although I can't say that for certain either. (I have yet to have the opportunity to sit down with Eric to go over issues with him in detail as I've offered, and to my knowledge he has yet to take me up on my suggestion to register as a Libertarian or join the party as a dues-paying member.) I'm presuming Amy is a Democrat unless I hear to the contrary, but I'm also guessing she may have a more viable opposition campaign, so if Eric wants to nail down Libertarian support, he would be well advised to go the extra mile (hint, hint!) :wink:

  Anyway, you can read my correspondence with Amy below, in which I play some polite hardball with the candidate. Stay tuned for her hopefully forthcoming further response(s)...

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