LPSF Meeting Room


  I'll fix the notice on the Meetup site to reflect us meeting at the
170 Hawthorne location (between Folsom and Harrison and Second and
Third streets), for the month of February only (Feb. 12 from 3-6pm).

  I'm copying Martin Mackerel on this message, as I just spoke with him
today about possibly coming to one of our meetings and talking about
local activism in support of WikiLeaks, and said I'd email him the
info -- forgetting that next month we actually won't be at the library
due to them having booked all the suitable spaces for other uses
including staff meetings which could be held in private staff areas of
the library rather than taking space away from community groups.
Martin has been the main organizer for the two WikiLeaks protests I
attended and spoke at which have occurred in the past month or so in SF.

  Martin, our regular meetings are 3-5pm at the main library, usually
in the Stong community meeting room on the 1st floor, or if that is
not available, the Sycip community meeting room on the 4th floor.
Following the meetings we have a social hour (5-6pm, or until whenever
people get tired of hanging out) at Ananda Fuara vegetarian
restaurant, two blocks away at the corner of Market and Larkin.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))