LPSF Meeting Room

Well, I talked to Adrianna at the library and the only options she
came up with were to meet in the cafe area downstairs, or the outdoor
terrace on the 6th floor, which she said has some benches. Both of
these spaces have the advantage of being at the main library, but
neither is an area that we could reserve for our exclusive use, and we
wouldn't want to be outside if it's cold or raining. We could readily
gather some tables and chairs together and meet in the cafe area,
however it is in the middle of a large open space, where people could
be coming and going.

  So I guess I'm neutral as far as meeting there, which would maintain
the regularity of sticking with the library as our general location,
or back at Rob's apartment building, which is clearly a nicer space.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild and Rob,

Thank you for trying, Starchild. You are correct, the cafe and the terrace are not very good alternatives.

Rob, I don't know when would be your deadline to make the reservation for the conference room in your building. Maybe give a couple of days to give folks on this list a chance to raise any objections if they wish (AND come up with another concrete better alternative!), then make the reservation? Thank you!

PS, Rob, thank you also for the link to the Pride Festival booth reservation site. I promise to get to this hopefully by end of day today.