LPSF Meeting Room


  I called the library and asked about the rooms in the basement
(Latino/Hispanic Meeting Rooms A and B), but it turns out these are
also in use on Feb. 12, as is the Koret Auditorium, also in the
basement. They do now apparently have their room reservation calendar
online, which I didn't recall them having previously:


  As you can see on this page, it's possible to look at different rooms
from the pull-down menu and see when they are reserved. Our usual
choices of the Stong and Sycip rooms both indeed show as booked. There
are some other rooms I wonder about that I'm not familiar with,
however -- for instance the "Staff Training Room" on the 6th floor.
Unlike some of the rooms on the pull-down menu, like the Study Rooms,
which are not reserved for any dates in February and thus may not ever
be available for dedicated exclusive use, the calendar shows the Staff
Training Room is reserved for periods of time on Feb. 1 and Feb. 4,
but apparently not on the 12th.

  I suggest asking Adrianna about this room specifically, to see
whether we might meet there. I left her a message asking her to call
me. In the meantime, if anyone reading this can conveniently stop by
the main library, I encourage you to try to have a look at the Staff
Training Room to see whether it looks like it could work for us.

  Some of the spaces listed on the pull-down menu are not actual rooms,
while other listed areas may be continually open to the general public
while the library is open, and not places where people can meet and
talk. However there may potentially be other usable spaces on the pull-
down list, or other non-listed areas of the library where we could
informally find some chairs or couches and hold a meeting. Of course
we might not have such informal space entirely to ourselves, but this
would also be true if we go and meet in one of the restaurants
mentioned below.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))