LPSF Meeting Out Reach Program For Saturday June 13

Dear All;

This Saturday is the regular LPSF monthly meeting at 3:00 pm at 170 Hawthorne between Folsom and Harrison and 2nd St. and 3rd St. ( see www.lpsf.org meetings section for location )

We will be hand addressing and stuffing envelopes with cover letter brochures and LPSF membership applications which are being sent to 100 registered Libertarians an outreach program to invite them to become active members of the LPSF and to join the LPSF.

We invite you all to come on down to the meeting to help address the envelopes and to bring an ink pen with blue or black ink with you for the addressing. Of course participate in all the other business meeting festivities and then at 5:00 pm stay for a social hour.

If you so desire join a very sociable group for a delighful delectable delicious dinner discussion for further enlightened and erudite roundtable discussion on Libertarian ideals and principles at a local Chinese restaurant - Canton Seafood and Dim Sum Restaurant 655 Folsom - serving both veggies and carnivores Asian style.

Come On Down - You Hear!!!


Ron Getty
Vice Chair

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