LPSF Mail Box

Dear All,

Below are the prices of the boxes Francoise recommended we investigate. As I indicated at the last LPSF meeting renewal of our current rental is October 15. If we do not make a decision by then, I will renew at the current location for the current price of $240.


Hi Marcy! Why don't we go with this one at $150/year? It's private, $90 cheaper than the current arrangement, and I can pick up the mail and drop it by your place. How often do you pick up the mail? Unless someone finds something better, I vote for this one.


Hi Aubrey,

Thank you for the vote! I think this is a good alternative also. We will have an LPSF meeting on Oct 8, so I will propose then that we move the box to the Wash Club, unless someone comes up with an even better idea before then.

Until the end of the year, I am OK with picking up the mail, which I do twice a month at the same time I do work errands. Of course "picking up" is an exaggeration, since there is seldom anything in the box! And that is why I am wondering if the $240 we pay now is at all worth it.