LPSF leads in coverage on CalFreedom.net

"Brian has access to our Discussion group, and knows the group's posting preferences."

I tried to post the message directly and it bounced, saying I'm still banned from posting. Said access and knowledge can't un-ban me, but I'll now click send to see if the unbanning has happened in the meantime.

Hi Brian,

I checked your account and it is clear of any bans, and I sent you an e-mail two or so weeks ago using that e-mail account advising you of that. My guess is that is an old account, no longer tied to a new one you might be using. I promise to look into this again by end of day today, and see if any other account is listed. If I do not find another account (or if you get to this before I do today), you might have to sign up again (lpsf.org / Discussion Group).



It’s working now, as I can see my morning message in the group archive. On Oct. 21 I got the message below from Yahoo. Since then, either some authority on lpsf-discuss has restored my ability, or else a cosmic ray hit just the right spot on Yahoo’s servers. :-) Either way, I thank the responsible parties.

I hope it’s OK if once a week I post a summary of headlines from CalFreedom.net.

We are unable to deliver the message from <brian@…>
to <lpsf-discuss@yahoogroups.com>.

You are not allowed to send email to this group. There are two possible
reasons for this:

  1. This group may only accept postings from moderators.
  2. The moderator of this group may have removed your ability to post to
    Â this group.