LPSF July Meeting Date


I’d be happy to make you or any of our regular activists assistant organizers on Meetup, just let me know if you so wish.

Love & Liberty,

((( Starchild )))

P.S. — Sitting here in the convention hall in Orlando where we are struggling to get a credentials report adopted and allow online voting the right way ( approved by the delegates present).

From: “Richard Fast fastrichard77@gmail.com [lpsf-discuss]”

Posted by: Starchild sfdreamer@earthlink.net

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The MeetUp still says the meeting is tomorrow!

Hi Starchild, would you please give us access to update the Meetup event, so we can help out when needed?

Hi Richard, it seems like creating the events is "secretary" thing, but you have a lot of responsibilities. Please feel free to delegate! We could each take ownership of creating events on one platform, or rotate who creates the events per month, or designate an event-creation czar. It's up to you!


This is a busy time for Starchild and I as delegates, so please excuse
delays in normal duties. The Meetup page has been updated. The membership
has been notified.

Of course! Have a great time at the convention! Just let us know if want any help.