LPSF email addresses not working / copy of Quark Xpress for Mac?

I tried this a few days ago, and both newsletter@lpsf.org and outreach@lpsf.org tonight, with no results.

  Also, do either of you (or anyone on the Activist list) happen to have, or know someone who has, Quark Xpress for Mac? The copy I was using to do the newsletter has expired.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I gave out some business cards at a recent event with the Outreach
address (I figured that was the most appropriate address); one person
called me to say the address did not work. So, please, somebody out
there, let me know what address to give to people that want to write
to us.


Could I suggest that we move toward software that's more
cross-platform and open-source? For instance, to replace Quark
Xpress, OpenOffice Draw runs on Mac, PC, *nix, etc., and we don't have
to worry about infringing on intellectual property rights (whether or
not you believe such things exist).