LPSF Election Day gathering at Françoise's

Hi All:

This is to remind you that I am having a small gathering at my house on Election Day (Tuesday June 3rd) from 6:30pm to about 9:30 pm. We are going to make buttons etc for Gay Pride.

If you are planning on coming, you must let me know by Sunday June 1st midnight. If you don’t know my address, message me privately.

Look forward to seeing you.


Posted by: francoise@thefieldingcompanies.com

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Hi Francoise and All,

Please count me in. Thank you!!!

Not only is this a work party, but also a chance to talk to old friends about all kinds of stuff. For the work part, I will bring all the button supplies and the button machine.


Hi Francoise and Marcy! I'll be there, and thanks Francoise for hosting our button-making party again this year for Pride. Also thanks to Marcy for the supplies.


P.S. Hopefully I don't ruin any buttons (or machines) this time!