LPSF Convention planning

Hi all,
I asked Nick to add time to the agenda on Saturday to allow discussion on the LPSF Convention in January 2019. I want to use a free meeting room for the convention so I need to book the room early. I can't use the Latino/Hispanic room at the Main Library since it's reserved already on Jan 12. Our options are either changing the day of our meeting or having it at another branch library.
I like the Latino/hispanic room but I don't have any strong opinions. The most important thing to me is having the date settled well in advance.
The purpose of this convention is to 1) get people who come to meetings once in a while to make an effort to show up for this one2) inform members about what we plan to do in the next year3) elect officers and propose changes to bylaws
LP of Santa Clara county had about 25 people show up to their annual meeting in January so I think if we try really, really hard we can get the same amount of people to show up to ours.
I talked to Jonathan Jaech from the LP of Los Angeles County and he said LA county has theirs in a restaurant and they sell tickets. I think having it at a restaurant is too risky for our party at this stage.
Please let me know if you have any non-library suggestions for a meeting place.

Here are our options:
Main Library, Latino/Hispanic room

Saturday 1/5
Sunday 1/6
Sunday 1/20

all are open 10-6 and have room for at least 30 people

Bernal Heights
Glen Park
Noe Valley
North Beach
Visitacion Valley
Western Addition