LPSF Candidates Needed!

There are five Supervisor seats open (Districts 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10), and also the School Board race which is city-wide, so if you live in San Francisco, you're eligible to run!

  Right now we have only myself and Phil running for office so far this year. We have had more candidates in the past, and with the size of our group, we should be able to field at least a couple more. If we wind up with more than one candidate running in the same district, so much the better -- we can work together and help each other and have a greater cumulative impact.

  Running for office is an invaluable experience. Even though these are non-partisan offices, you're free to talk about the Libertarian Party and let people know you are a libertarian. Telling people you are running for office is a great conversation starter, and gives you an excuse to talk to them about libertarian ideas. It also makes them a lot more likely to listen.

  You still have plenty of time to file. So take the plunge! 8)

Yours in liberty,
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