LPSF Candidate Forum: Tue 3 Oct, 6:30 pm

The LPSF will be hosting a candidate forum next Tuesday, the 3rd of
October, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The event will be at 57 Post St., 4th floor, between Montgomery and
Kearney Sts.

Several candidates have already confirmed attendance, and others have sent
questionnaire responses for consideration.

LPSF members will be voting on candidate recommendations at the monthly
general meeting, Saturday 14 October; see <URL:
http://www.lpsf.org/LPSF_Meetings/Meetings.php > for details.

Recommendation results will be mailed to all active registered Libertarian
voters in San Francisco.

Candidates for every non-partisan race in the 2006 San Francisco general
election have been invited, with the exception of Supervisor, District 8,
in which we have already endorsed Libertarian candidate Starchild.

For more details, information, or questions, please contact Chris Maden,
Secretary, LPSF, by e-mail at secretary@... or by phone at 845.8202.