LPSF Ballot recommendations (Nov. 8, 2022 General Election)

Here are the LPSF’s ballot recommendations for the upcoming November 8 election:


Prop. A (Retiree COLA Adjustment) – NO
Prop. B (Eliminate Sanitation & Streets Dept.) – YES
Prop. C (Create Homeless Oversight Commission) – NO
Prop. D (Streamline Rules to Build Certain Types of Housing) – YES
Prop. E (Watered-Down Version of Prop. D) – NO
Prop. F (Library Preservation Fund) – NO
Prop. G (SFUSD Grants) – NO
Prop. H (Switch to Even Year Elections) – NO
Prop. I (Allow Automobiles on JFK Drive & Great Highway) – YES
Prop. J (Permanently Close JFK Drive to Automobiles) – NO
[Prop. K was removed from the ballot]
Prop. L (Transportation Sales Tax) – NO
Prop. M (Residential Vacancy Tax) – NO
Prop. N (Transfer Music Concourse Parking Facility to Rec & Park Dept.) – NO
Prop. O (City College Parcel Tax) – NO

District Attorney – John Hamasaki
Community College Board – Jill Yee and Marie Hurabiell

I will be writing up blurbs laying out a libertarian case for these positions for an article to put up on our website. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on desired wording or arguments for any of them.

We did not vote to take positions on any of the other races. If you have think we should recommend votes for any candidate(s) for school board, supervisor, congress, state assembly, assessor, public defender, or judge, again please speak up and share your thoughts!

Voting has already begun, although personally I always wait until Election Day to vote unless I know I’ll be out of town or something, and encourage others to do the same – the shorter the amount of time officials have the completed ballots in their possession, the less opportunity for malfeasance. 

Love & Liberty,

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