LPSF ballot recommendation decision

[Sorry, Bob - sending with a subject this time.]


Thanks once again for taking the time to address us last week. We
appreciate your enthusiasm and we share your enjoyment of Gene Burns (not
to mention the second amendment!).

However, we are not able to recommend as a party that our members vote for
you in this election. Though you had some support, and a feeling that you
are a "gut libertarian" - someone who feels freedom instinctively - there
was a sense that you haven't fully put those feelings into practice, and
still support counterproductive government programs like rent control and
job programs. We encourage you to continue your education on why
well-intended programs like that tend to result in the opposite of their
goals, and to ask us any questions you might have.

Again, thank you for taking the time to speak with us; we hope that you
will continue to learn and become more libertarian in the process, and we
look forward to working with you on freedom-based approaches to improving
life in San Francisco if you are elected.

Chris Maden
Secretary, LPSF