LPSF Address Change

Thanks, Marcy. Will the new place have the same rates? Any
explanation for why the previous place went out of business? Is mail
forwarding in effect so we can safely use up any existing address
labels in this upcoming mailing at Phil's?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

I will personally not worry about rates until next year, since LPSF is paid up for one year.

There was a notice in the new LPSF mailbox from Market Street Mailhouse saying "due to circumstances beyond our control."

Amad, owner of the new place, said that the Post Office does not forward mail from private mailboxes. As soon as I have time, I will try to find out from the Post Office what needs to be done.


I'd advise against using old labels or rubber stamps or such with the old
address. A new batch of labels wouldn't be too expensive. The only problem
I can see with the rubber stamps is that they usually take weeks to be
delivered after ordering, and Phil shouldn't wait that long. Laser printer
labels, on the other hand, are a same-day thing.

I am hoping that we have enough folks to hand write the return labels
to my home address.
  however, cna someone volunteer to make some laser ones, as you can
imagine how difficult that would be for me.

By next sunday.
Philip Z. Berg
557 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, California 94114 we can start with 200.

Since, as I have indicated, I am not going to be able to attend the Petition Party, let me know if you would like me to type the letter. If you e-mail me the words you want, I can type it and make copies. You will need to say how many copies. Rob also needs to know how many address labels.


I can do the letter, but the labels take some positioning, thats why I
asked rob. But proofing and suggestions will be welcomed



Okay, Phil, I received my Office Depot delivery, and I've printed 240 labels
(eco-friendly, in fact -- non-eco was out of stock) with your address as
below. I also saw Marcy mentioned something about LPSF return labels. Do
you need some of those too? If so, how many?

Like Starchild, I have a conflicting meeting (different meeting LOL), but I
will bring these to your place a little before 2 on Sunday so that you have
them from the beginning of the party. Need anything else printed?


Hi Rob,

My mention of "LPSF return labels" referred to whatever return labels Phil wanted on the envelopes. If he wants his address, then that's what I meant.


Would you like to print the letters. How about with LPSF logo.
Maybe Starchild would like to add something for a joint letter for
his district. Make sure that you save any receipts. I want to keep
this all squeeky clean.

Dear Fellow LIbertarian San franciscan,

  "If you think that you don't matter, try sleeping with a misquito".


You can be a misquito to Nancy Pelosi, and a few other politicians,
and all you have to do is fill out a few lines and sign the enclosed
petitions to put some good libertarians on the ballot for November.

Thats it.

Thank You,

Philip Z. Berg

P.S. If you like, we can come to you. Just give me a call, or email
me, We love to meet our fellow Libertarians in person.

Libertarian for Congress
415 305 8755
san Francisco

Paid for by Philip Z. Berg for Congress 2010

Rob, It is OK to use the LPSF return address, right. Lets just do the
200 this saturday, or is that too modest. I just thought that we
should what the response rate is before more bucks are invested. I
thought that we might put return stamps on 100 of them to see what


Are you asking me or Rob to print the letters? I am checking just to make sure you do end up with letters!! Please let me know. If I do not hear from you, I will assume you and Rob have worked this out.

Regarding the letterhead, I would think if you used the LPSF letterhead, you would be signing as a member of the LPSF, not as a candidate?


Last night, I gave Phil the 240 return address labels with his address. He
gave me the MVF disc with the MS Access database, which I'm querying for
Libertarians who voted in 2007, and emailing that info to Phil for the
mailing. I'm also sending Phil the latest LPC and LNC member info. I also
scanned in Phil's petition in lieu of filing fee in 600 dpi color, and will
post that PDF to the LPSF.org website and send out a link. I will not be
able to attend Sunday, so I also made a single copy of that petition, signed
it, and gave that to Phil.

Note to everyone: Every signature saves Phil over $20 in filing fees.
70-something valid signatures totally eliminates his $1600 filing fee.
Everyone should sign. Even if you can't help on Sunday, you should be able
to print out the PDF I'm posting (laser, double-sided), sign it (including
filling out your info on the back as the circulator for that petition), and
mail it to Phil. It's just as good as giving him a $20+ contribution, and
it's minimal effort.


Hi Rob,

That's a lot of work, Rob!! But, although all that programmer-speak sounds like a lot of work, a Luddite like me still can't tell (1) Does Phil need a cover letter, and (2) Did all the work you did for Phil result in his having a cover letter, so I do not prepare one ( I had volunteered to prepare one about a week ago).

Thank you!


Marcy, I have nothing to do with the cover letters. That's still between
you and Phil. I'm just on the hook for getting him the list of addresses
and posting the scan of his petition, so that people can print their own
copies and save him $20 per signature.

Marcie, Here is the draft letter I sent yesterday.

Is your offer still on to edit , print , and place on my porch?? But
how will you get to my porch??? It's still on a BIG HILL.

Please edit the below.

You may also put just before the words "thats it" the following

And to top it off each valid sigunture saves our Libertarian
campaingers twenty dollars in filing taxes er I mean fees.

Hi Phil,

Last night I typed your letter as you drafted, and am on my way to Kinko's to print 200 copies. I had suggested earlier, and still suggest, that the letter be on a Philip Z. Berg for Congress letterhead, which is what I did. I included the logo we use for LPSF (Statue of Liberty with Bridge) on the top left corner for decoration. The letter looks good, I think. I will bring the letter to your home this afternoon. If you will be there around 3:00 pm, and let me know, I will ring the bell. If not, I will leave the package on your porch.


Um, guys, you have to include instructions in the letter telling people to
serve as their own circulators and fill out the backs of the pages. They
can't mail you a petition without the back filled out, then let you fill out
the back as the circulator. That's VERY illegal. The circulator must
witness the signatures.

You need to put something in the letter explaining that you cannot use
signatures mailed to you where the circulator section on the back hasn't
been filled out.


OK, OK, I thought about that, but figured if I did not think about it really hard, the problem would go away. I have not gone to Kinko's yet, so I will do it right.

I will get to Phil's later than the 3:00 pm I said, probably.


thanks Rob, I asked ten different ways about the circculator thing and
the people at city hall did not explain that to me.