[[lpsf-activists] To Libertarians who registered as Republicans recently]

Friends of Liberty:

We're having a much lower than usual "hit" rate on contacting registered
Libertarians for candidate petition signatures. We lost a huge chunk of
politically active Libertarians to the Republicans for the recent
Presidential primary. But now the primary is over, so it's time to come
back. If you are not currently registered as a Libertarian, but plan to
register Libertarian at some point, TODAY is the time to do it, because
we're still short on signatures for our Congressional candidate's
nomination form.

Just give me a call, and I'll arrange for someone to meet with you to
handle your voter re-registration and signing of our nomination petition
to get Phil Berg on the ballot for Congress. We can have you fill out a
new voter registration form as a Libertarian, and we can turn that form
in with the petition you have signed, so the signature will be counted
as valid.

Please, call us. We'll come to you. (Same invitation applies to those
already registered Libertarian who still haven't signed the petition.)

Thanks so much,

Rob Power
Chair, LPSF
h: 415-762-0524
m: 415-235-0462