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  I'm sorry to see this dismissive attitude from you toward my suggestions, and I find your continued hostility to transparency in the Libertarian Party troubling.

  It is not true that Libertarian National Committee communications have "dwindled down to almost nothing." I subscribe to the LNC list ( lnc-votes@... ). TODAY ALONE I received at least 8 emails from that list. I would not call that "almost nothing"!

   Nor do we have any evidence I'm aware of that any decline in LNC email traffic is due to LNC members communicating in secret rather than on the list, even though you keep tacitly encouraging that anti-democratic practice by writing messages that amount to excusing such behavior.

Starchild wants to open up our communication so that our enemies are
aware of our plans.

That's just outright dumb!

  What specific LNC "plans" do you think "our enemies" could have gotten hold of since the LNC list became formally public under Nick Sarwark that would hurt the party more than denying our own party members access to this information and thus denying them the ability to effectively hold their leaders accountable would hurt the party?

It's time we stop being control freaks with our volunteers and let them
be real volunteers.

  How are people supposed to meaningfully volunteer if they can't find out what's going on?

We need team players, not prima dona control freaks.

We've had 8+ years of control freaks and look what that has brought!

The LPC is in it's worst shape since the early 70's.

  We've had 8+ years of very little transparency. I see that. Ted Brown seems to see that. Do you not see that? Do you not get how that has hurt our party?

  One way of being a "control freak" is trying to hoard information! I see the Libertarian Party MEMBERSHIP, not just the LEADERSHIP, as part of the team, and that being a "team player" in the party means TRUSTING OUR MEMBERS, who have signed the Non-Aggression Pledge, with information! You seem to feel that only party leaders can be trusted to know what's going on.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

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