[lpradicals] Please vote to approve Alan Pyeatt's current motions


  Unfortunately the California LP's Executive Committee apparently defeated two out of three of Alan's motions, even though the resolution itself had more support than opposition. From LPC Secretary Gale Morgan:

Copy of email sent to Ex-Comm members:

Dear Ex-Comm Member,
I hope you had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving day.

I have results for the three motions that have been out for consideration:

Motion 1, Resolution: Yeas: 5, Nays: 4, Abstain: 4, Not voting: 1, Not participating: 3
Motion 2, Effect: Yeas: 8, Nays: 3, Abstain: 2, Not voting: 1. not participating: 3
Motion 3, Distribution: Yeas: 3, Nays: 6, Abstain: 4, Not voting: 1, Not participating: 3
Motion 1, Resolution: Fail
Motion 2, Effect: Pass
Motion 3, Distribution: Fail
A full spreadsheet will be available at the Ex-Comm meeting on the 4th.

Gale Morgan, Secretary
Libertarian Party of California

  Thanks to the usual secrecy, I can't tell you how individual members voted. All the "abstain", "not voting", and "not participating" tallies sure don't appear to say much for the group's collective spine or lack thereof though -- although in some cases people may have had more respectable reasons.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))