[lpradicals] Local media liaisons needed for "National Opt-out Day" Nov 24


  Awesome! When I saw a message from Todd Barnett about protesting the TSA rules, I didn't realize it was part of a larger campaign, so I'm glad you posted this here.

  I would be happy to be your media liaison for San Francisco (SF International Airport and Oakland Airport if desired). Do you know of anyone planning anything in the Bay Area?

  I don't have time to read your links right now, but will try to get to them soon.

  Here's an idea off the top of my head which might or might not be practical, but could garner additional press: Hire a pilot to take you and/or other organizers up in the air in a small plane pulling an anti-TSA banner about National Opt-Out Day. As far as I know, passengers in small planes are not subject to TSA controls, but there hasn't been a rash of terrorist incidents involving small planes.

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