[LPOC] Californication, LP-style

Go to the Men's Warehouse and the Three Day Suit Broker.

Get some gray two piece suits.
Get a dozen white shirts.
Get leather belts to match your leather shoes.
Get red neckties with simple patterns so they
video and photograph well.

Don't worry about the 'stuffy ' thing.

No matter what you do, it will seem stuffy until
you're used to it.

The idea is to show respect for your constituents.
Take them seriously and they will do the same to you.

Your socks should match your suit, but be the same
shade or darker.

Nice shoes can be had inexpensively at Nordstrom's
Rack or Aventura on sale. Also Ross or Marshall's
will occasionally, but it's hit and miss, mostly miss.

If you look different, people will focus on how you look.
We want them to focus on our ideas.

Sorry, but when the image of a successful politician was
to wear a powdered wig, that was the right thing to do.

Now, the right thing to do is a suit and tie, or at least
a white shirt and tie. That alone is worth several points
in any election.

Again, dare to be different politically.
Dare to conform when you dress.

By the way, the book, 'Dress For Success' is old,
but still good.

PS I'll go with you if you come to Orange County,
or if I'm in SF.

Oh, GAWD no! The local press will totally skewer you if you look like a Gray
Davis clone. Sorry, Bruce. Gray suits may work in Orange County, but San
Francisco has different standards. See the "Candidates guide to fashion"
article on Mike Denny's campaign site:


Mike, we'll find someone local to help you out. San Franciscans rarely trust
a suit, even if you're holding a ferret. :wink:

As for the speaking skills, I think Dr. Edelstein can help with the directed
questions training, and we have several good public speakers who would be
happy to help.

Ned Roscoe seemed like a grey-suit-and-tie kind of guy (from his picture and seeing him briefly in person). He got less than 2,000 votes statewide (one of which was mine). I'd say his wardrobe didn't help him that much. Mary Carey, on the other hand, is featured on her website (http://www.marycareyforgovernor.com/) in an American-flag bikini, and got over 10,000 votes. And she supported legalizing ferrets, too.

Yours in liberty,
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