[lpny_kings] RE: Sam Sloan for Congress Turn 'Em All Loose

This is absolutely false.

The 2010 convention was a rump convention with many non-members of the
Libertarian Party who had never applied for membership, never paid dues nor
signed the pledge allowed to vote. Warren Redlich was one of those as he
had never applied for membership, never paid dues nor ever signed the
pledge. He had never even attended a regular business meeting of the
Libertarian Party. He had declined all requests to attend, to appear or to

Nevertheless, for reasons unknown to the rest of us, Mark Axinn allowed the
Redlich group of non-Libertarians to enter the convention room and throw
their bloc votes into the hat. All of the 17 votes I got at the convention
were from long-standing members of the Libertarian Party. The votes of most
of the Redlich people were from these non-Libertarians whom we had never
seen before and we have never seen since.

After the rump convention, those upset about what happened circulated a
petition on behalf of real Libertarians, including me. It is absolutely not
true that the name of Redlich was crossed out or whited out and my name
inserted. Such a petition would never have passed the New York State Board
of Elections.

Proper petitions were submitted to the New York Board of Elections by my
son. They passed. However, Chris Garvey filed objections and got them
kicked out. Otherwise I would have been the Libertarian Party candidate for
governor on the ballot.

I have been repeatedly blocked from being a Libertarian Party candidate for
12 years since 2002. I have no idea why they keep doing that, as I am the
most active and energetic member the Libertarian Party has. For example,
this morning my election campaign ads appeared on three major networks,
Univision, Telemundo, and 12 News the Bronx. Those ads could have
advertised me as the Libertarian Party Candidate. However, because Mark
Axinn keeps kicking me out of the Libertarian Party, I am running as a
Democratic Party Candidate instead.

Yes, it is true that I sued Mark Axinn and rightfully so, as he deserved to
be sued for the things he has done.

Sam Sloan