[lpny_kings] RE: [ManhattanLibertarians] Re: [lpny_manhattan] Re: Letter from Attorney General Acknowledging Challenge to the Constitutionality of a Stature

The decision came down today.

It says "unanimously affirmed for the reasons stated by Wooten, J."

At first the order said "unanimously affirmed for the reasons stated by
Crater, J."

I told the clerk that Judge Crater has been inactive for a few years. The
clerk insisted that the order was correct but then took another look at it
and acknowledged that a mistake had been made. He told me to return later.

When I came back an our later he gave me the corrected order.

I am surprised and disappointed. IO felt that surely the Appellate Division
would have to say something about this case. I believe that counsel for the
Board of Elections thought the same thing.

In any case, I will now appeal to the New York Court of Appeal. The hearing
on that appeal has already been set for next Tuesday, August 20.

Sam Sloan