[LPNY DISCUSS] California bill AB-1266

How many people are affected this? How many transgender kids are there? How
many boys would just like to be able to take showers with the girls.

How much will it cost the government to implement this program?

Sam Sloan

This bill is a dream come true! No more sneaking peeks into the girls' shower room -- just join them there. California schools consistently rate pretty low. One of the primary reasons is the emphasis on social issues rather than on education.

Witness the huge controversy regarding City College of San Francisco, where the college has been largely serving as a social welfare institution (including social welfare of the teachers' union!).

Come election time, the schools will be, as usual asking for tons more money, most of which will be used to think up, promote, and implement nonsense like this transgender bill.


heh heh heh...
The walls of the socialists society and education paradigm are beginning to crumble. Government regulation and coordination of showers and bathrooms, with genital parts, is eroding at the very foundations.

Forced nudity in collective showers is threatened. Aawwwh so sad for the socialist engineers. Their math can't build the bridges anymore.