LPCon2010: Best & Worst

Rob, Francoise, Starchild, and I attended the LP convention in St. Louis
last weekend. Approximately 600 people were there, including non-delegates.

The highlight for me was Mark Hinkle's election as LNC chair. I hope this is
not an aberration, but rather a harbinger of the LP moving in a more radical

The worst moment for me involved a motion that we all stand in recognition
of U.S. veterans who have fought and died "for our freedom." Looking around
including Mary Ruwart. (I was not near the SF delegation at the time. I hope
they remained seated.)

Major 20th century U.S. wars have resulted in bigger Govt, not to mention
massive deaths of innocent civilians while their fellows are immorally taxed
to support the war. Libertarian revisionist historians have demonstrated
(see Jeff Riggenbach's excellent Why American History Is Not What They Say)
U.S. administrations have sold the wars to the U.S. people with lies,
obfuscations, and secrecy.

When I'm on the opposite side from Mary, I assume I'm missing something.
Your thoughts?

Warm regards, Michael

Logically, I would think "veterans who fought and died" a null set. But
I'm sure those who favored the resolution were thinking only of the
Revolutionary War.

Dear UCSF Mike

I agree - if it was to honor the Revolutionary War veterans who did buy us our freedom then okay. Beyond that point no way. Think Lincoln and the Civil War and all the Indian Wars of the 1800's.

It was a poorly worded resolution or not well thought out...

Ron Getty