[LPCandidates2006] Badnarik for Congress still wasting funds!

I'm thoroughly disgusted to learn that the Badnarik for Congress campaign was planning to pay campaign manager Allen Hacker -- a former member of the California LP Executive Committee who was among those who have sought to make attending our state conventions less affordable for delegates of limited means by insisting that anyone not buying a speaker or meal package must pay a "floor fee" in order to avoid any "free riders" -- a $75,000 salary, plus 15% of money raised, for a total of $150,000.

  However the good news is that the campaign won't be able to waste valuable Libertarian donor dollars paying Allen this exorbitant fee (which he certainly didn't earn if vote totals are a reflection of performance), because they don't have the money. So now Allen is threatening to hold his breath and turn blue, i.e. not tell us "the solution to our problems as a party," which he in his great wisdom as a business consultant apparently has the unique ability to understand and explain to us -- unless we first help him pay off enough of the campaign's debt to enable him to delay going back to his day job and instead devote his energy to producing this great Libertarian "manifesto" which he hints will double the size of the LP before the next election. Excuse me while I rush to the bathroom.

  See additional comments from Richard Rider, below, followed by Allen Hacker's fundraising letter which Richard calls "brazen" (possibly an understatement).

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