[LPC -XComm] from the Sacramento Bee


  Thanks for the heads-up on this. Here is a link to the list of measures which will appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot in California:


  Briefly, the measures are as follows (please note that the one-line descriptions and pro/con evaluations below are my quick takes based on their summaries, and may not necessarily reflect the best libertarian position on each -- I have not yet studied these measures):

I started to ask below (and forgot to finish my sentence) whether anyone has written anything against any of these statewide measures, and if anyone knows the specific costs (if any) for filing arguments, either as a party or an individual, and procedures by which arguments may be submitted (i.e. can they be emailed, or must they be physically turned in tomorrow in Sacramento?)

  I did not immediately find answers to these questions or remember the answers from past years, so I wanted to put it out there before doing a bunch of research. We are up against the clock, but it would be great to get some libertarian pro or con arguments into the state voter handbook if possible! Can we do this?

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