LPC/LPSF dues-handling process


On Jul 1, 2007, at 10:56 PM, Aaron Starr wrote (in part):

"I am currently designing audit reports within DonorPerfect to make sure that these are the only possibilities"

  Please do not waste time putting a lot of work into designing a system without the flexibility to readily allow county parties to send the LPC its share of dues while retaining the county party's share of dues. This strikes me as at odds with Kevin Takenaga's stated approach, which many of us agree with, of building the county parties and focusing more responsibility on the local level. We should not have to process everything through the central level to get back what is due to the local level -- it is inherently inefficient. And while manual reports might seem like a bit more work, I suspect that in the long run they might be an easier and more viable system. The LP's experience with using software in general has been less than favorable, as you are well aware. Writing down how much has been received from various county parties, when it was received, and how much (if anything) is owed to be sent back to them is not rocket science. Handling this task via software has the following disadvantages:

-subject to computer crashes
-learning curve for new employees and volunteers
-subject to computer errors
-more difficult for non-users to understand the reports
-often becomes obsolete or in need of upgrades
-records may not be as easily transferred as if just typed into a normal word processing document

  "Returning any submissions that don't meet the uniform requirements" is also not a good use of volunteer and staff time.

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