[[LPC ExeCom] - Former Senator Mike Gravel Joins the LP]

yeah, but if you turn the volume up really loud you can actually hear him whispering 'I am Satan, I am Satan' over and over again. (If you can't hear it you don't have it loud enough :slight_smile:

seriously though, I don't see any specific libertarian positions on his website, sans the anti-War on Drugs bit which includes a social welfare component.?? And as discussed on these lists previously, 'anti' war and 'pro' gay rights are not definitive libertarian stances either. Maybe he's just lost.


We of course should insist that his positions change to match
Libertarian views, and not vice-versa, just as we did with Bob Barr.
Gravel advocated for several things that we explicitly call for the
repeal of (Kyoto, Law of Sea Treaty, etc.) and I'd by no means suggest
that the LP should change its position on these issues to accommodate
Gravel. On the contrary, he needs to grow to the point where he sees
that our platform on these issues is better than his former positions
were. But really -- he's every bit as Libertarian as Barr was this time
last year (which is to say, not so much), but Barr has come a long way
in a year. Gravel may do the same.


David Rhodes wrote:

pointing out that he has said some things in the past
we do not support will not help to convert him on
those issues, maybe he agrees with us on those issues
now. The dems have a whole bunch of very anarchistic
people on the fringe of the party, very
anti-establishment that are ripe for us to take in.
These people are very anti authoritarian and very
anti-government, he could lead the way in for these
people. I bet a lot of them once they heard he joined
are checking out the website.

Barr may not agree with us on everything but I
interviewed him and he was coming in fast. It depends
on your internal moral compass and if you think force
is wrong.


Could you send this on for me as LPSF wont accept my
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TJ Campbell