[LPC County Officers] Switch to calendar-year memberships

The Executive Committee has just passed a motion (see below) revising memberships in the Libertarian Party of California so that they will all run on a calendar-year basis. The purpose is to reduce the administrative time and cost and resources involved in processing membership renewals throughout the year. This should also aid those counties which have chosen to handle renewals on their own.

  Resolved, in order to make the administration of membership renewal processing more efficient for both the state and county parties, the LPC hereby establishes that annual memberships based upon dues shall always lapse at the end of a calendar year. Accordingly, remittances of annual dues in the amount of $25 for an introductory membership and $50 for a subsequent year's membership shall establish or extend LPC membership as follows:

  1) through December 31 of the current year if postmarked during the first nine months of the calendar year; or

  2) through December 31 of the following year if postmarked during the last three months of the calendar year.

  During the transition, members in good standing may extend their lapse date to the end of a calendar year for less than the standard $50 dues amount by remitting a pro rata amount based on the number of days remaining in the calendar year after their lapse date.

  Each January, members pledging at least $10 per month shall have their membership lapse date extended to the following December 31, subject to their maintaining their pledge through June of the current year.

Daniel Wiener