[LPC County Officers] Membership Acquisition and RenewalAgreement

Starchild wrote:

Thanks for forwarding this. I sent the following message to the
County Officers list in response to Aaron's Q&A, pointing out bylaws
problems and other problems in his email, but moderator Dan Wiener
refused to post it.

Nice analysis, Starchild. I was also perturbed by the statement that a
mailing address is required for county membership, as not in the spirit
of the LPC Bylaws. Re-reading the Bylaws now, I'm not certain it
violates the letter, though I'm still inclined to think it does.

  Thanks... that's about my take on it.

By the way, our newsletter is a little over 60 cents per copy, for
printing plus postage.

  Yeah... we can probably get our costs down too. One idea is to send a
letter to copy shops soliciting donated printing services to our
non-profit in exchange for a free ad in each newsletter. If anyone
responded positively, that would be a significant monthly savings.

  In the LPC's case, with the volume of their printing and mailing
operation, and their ability to tap into volunteers and service donors
from a much larger area, they should be paying much less than we are
per piece for just about everything. Not to mention their bulk mail
permit. I suspect what's hidden in that $.60 per letter figure is that
they are spending too much on salary expenses and outside services.
Getting these numbers out in the open so that more people have the
chance to brainstorm on how to reduce costs is one of my motivations in
questioning Aaron's unsubstantiated estimate.

(Just got an idea -- perhaps retention notices could be included in the
newsletter: add a sticker or insert to the newsletter sent to any
member whose membership will be lapsing in the next 2-3 months...)

  We used to print something on the mailing label sticker. Liberty
Magazine does this too -- they let you know right on the sticker how
many issues you have left.

The one question I haven't seen the answer to is, what happens to a new
member who sends $25 to the national LP in, say, November? The LP will
still require such dues for full membership at that point, and will
still be sending some money to the LPC as part of the UMP phaseout; if
the LPC accepts any such money, do they have to accept the member as an
LPC member as well?

  Good question -- I have no idea.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

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