[LPC County Officers] LPC candidate information: Bruce Cohen

I have now received promotional material from three candidates for office at this weekend's state convention (Don Cowles, Bruce Cohen, and Brian Holtz). Here is Bruce's message.

Daniel Wiener

As Chair, I intend to work towards greater
levels of measurable success. My aim is
to grow the party at every level to support
this kind of success, both at the ballot box
as well as working with elected officials.

How will I achieve results?

I will do this by narrowing our focus to
key areas, and eliminating, streamlining
and consolidating Committee positions.

I plan on being as fiscally careful as our
outgoing Chair Aaron Starr.

I plan on being as practical and inclusive
as our resident Libertarian philosopher
Brian Holtz.

I will rely on the Parliamentary guidance
of M Carling.

I will continue to rely on our Webmaster
Robert Obraczarek, his skills, advice
and innovations.

Muffet Brown will continue on as our
Graphic Designer and Art Director for
California Freedom and other projects.

Here are some more specifics:
  1.. Build Strong Counties
  2.. Support High Quality Candidates
  3.. Drip Irrigation of our Donor 'Orchard'.
  4.. Year round Member renewal/recruitment
  5.. Website improvement - interactivity
  6.. E-mail base growth
  7.. Fewer, more focused Committees
  8.. Registered Voter recruitment
  9.. Improve the Image of the LP
I have long believed in a concept of
Libertarian success that can be visualized
in a fashion similar to Maslow's Pyramid
of self-actualization.

[Please see attached chart]

The base of the pyramid is the Voters, and
the actual votes we get. Each level directly
drives the one(s) above it, and in many cases
the one(s) below.

Interestingly, the top level of Candidates is
what drives the bottom level, so this chart
could also be circular.

Don't miss a single mark

Each of these things is very important to
our success, and none can be neglected
if we hope to become more successful.

Create Success Everywhere Possible

I'm very proud of my political successes.
I want to especially point out how the
Libertarian Party of Orange County
has become a respected player in
County and local politics.

Though a small player, we are given
respect and consideration, and our
votes, input and participation are now
sought in Orange County.

As an example, here is a note I
recieved just 15 minutes ago from
OC's Vice-Chair, the world famous
Supervisor John Moorlach:


As you can see from my late response, I'm
still digging out from a brief vacation to see
my daughter in St. Louis .

Mario Mainero, my Chief of Staff, was most
complimentary of you and the time spent
together. Thanks for being your usual
gracious self.


[Note: This paid off in a big Medical Marijuana
       win at the County level the next week!]

Building Coalitions

I will continue to work with all people who
want to increase the liberty and prosperity
in California on any and all levels.

I will be pleased to work with people in
other parties to elect the best Candidates
and to pass Libertarian initiatives.

I will also work with issue and advocacy
groups who's interests agree with our
principles and platform.

All this and more

All these, and the other ideas I have are
synergistic and will improve the results
we get in other areas.

I am looking forward to your input, as
we near Saturday's officer's elections.

Bruce’s Chart(1).pdf (2.19 KB)