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So doesn't it make more sense, if you're aware that there is a rightful
place for the freedom message on these issues, especially if you feel
strongly about that, to be the strong Libertarian presence that we need?
There is a status quo assumption that the only pathway to action for our
concerns about the safety of GMO goods is government intervention (for
example, mandatory labeling) and without an articulated expression of why
that is an undesirable outcome, it will go through by default. Without even
a feeble cry of protest ... except on Yahoo lists where cranky,
disenfranchised libertarians lurk for prey. I may not be "remembered for my
revolutionary activism" as you put it (or maybe I will, who knows?). But at
least I showed up to fight .... I made my voice heard in the forum where it
actually had a chance to make a difference.

Re: Libertarians Against
Thu May 23, 2013 8:20 pm (PDT) . Posted by:"Mike Renzulli"
If you want a clear example of cronyism in the US you need look no further
than the green industry. Massive amounts of subsidies being doled out to
politically connected companies who get kickbacks. That, and not what is
going on with Monsanto, is whom the Left (including environmentalists)
should be condemning. You notice they don't. I think it's because Obama is
doing it and it is something the eco-whackos want. They are the cronyists
in all of this, not Monsanto. At best Monsanto and GMOs are the victims
since they are the subject of lies being spun about them. Your
participation helps them do it, Mike. You are helping the true enemy and
your buying into conspiracy theories helps reinforce your bias or help you
rationalize what you want to do.


What is the meaning of observing that business and state must be


if not to warn against the unintended consequences of merging political


economic power? Why would I neuter my advocacy with an unwillingness to
confront the possibility that it is happening right before my eyes? If you
want to call organized human activity a "conspiracy&qu**ot; go ahead, but


admit that these policies are the result of "politics of the body" ...
thus, they exist. What part of that danger isn't worrisome enough for you
to lay down your divisive character judgments of your fellows, stand up


The only thing that matters is the organization we can put together. The real ideological line is drawn between us and the Borg.