LP Press Release on Ferguson (Re: [lpsf-discuss] Re: [Freed-M] Rise of the Warrior Cop)

I do understand the desire to eliminate or hold back urban militarism to quell the present unrest; but also keep in mind, municipal police abuse dates back to the beginning of policing, as a means to curtail, vigilante citizen abuse. Which, after the great northern migration, more so was directed at people of color.
I understand the constitutional provision, “…to provide for the common defense” both here and abroad: therefore, police are necessary.
What is not necessary is race bait policing.

But, more importantly, America must eliminate the “blue code” separate pledge officers make to not snitch on fellow officers.
Its a constitutional disgrace, allowing cops to state, if one tells on another, the teller won’t be backed up. Such, illegal silent measures are the essence of the law enforcement problems being faced today.
A law abiding police force (now) must be the goal.

I do believe, this issue is not libertarian, in that it suggest working within a broken system, instead of eliminating the entire police state, and promote individual responsibility.