LP Candidates Needed for Campaign 2008


                                                    By Ted Brown

You hear about Presidential candidates for 2008 every day, but there ARE other offices up for election as well. We need Libertarian candidates for U.S. Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly. (California has no statewide offices up for election.)

There are 53 Congressional races, 20 State Senate races (the odd-numbered seats), and 80 State Assembly races. We need Libertarian candidates in as many races as possible. The candidates should be knowledgeable about Libertarian positions on the major issues, and be able to discuss their views with voters, local political groups, and the news media.

To qualify as a Libertarian candidate, you must be registered to vote as a Libertarian and not in any other party since March 7, 2007. If you are registered "Decline to State" or not registered at all, you can sign up as a Libertarian until December 7, 2007, and still be eligible. Candidates for State Senate and Assembly must live in the district they are running in, but Congressional candidates may live anywhere in the state. However, from a practical point of view, the candidate should live in or near his district.

The first day to take out papers from your local Registrar of Voters office is December 28, 2007. To get on the ballot and avoid paying the filing fee (1% of the salary for the office), you need the signatures of 10% of the registered Libertarians in the district, or 150 signatures, whichever is fewer.

If you are interested in running, please contact me as soon as possible. We can determine which districts you live in and give you more details about what is required. At the very minimum, we ask that the candidate be willing to answer questionnaires from special interest groups, speak to the news media when called, and attend any local candidate forums or events. Anything beyond that is up to you.

I can be reached at (626) 286-6124, or by e-mail at tedbrown1776@....

(Ted Brown has been the LPC's candidate recruitment chair since 1987. He has run for office 13 times on the Libertarian ticket.)