LP California Platform 2022

Thanks, Richard. I concur. The current platform is strongly libertarian, and a better starting point than wiping the slate clean.

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Hi everyone,
The LPC Platform Committee will have its first meeting this Sunday. Surely one of the first questions to be discussed is whether the goal of the committee will be to refine the existing platform or to come up with proposals for a replacement (or possibly both, with one as a minority report).

As the representative of San Francisco, I wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter. I prefer refining the existing platform, but if a majority prefer otherwise I will pass that along. My goal is to represent the county, not just my own views.


I just wanted to add some more news. The platform proposals by the majority and the minority are now available at Platform - Libertarian Party of California. I’ve also attached the PDFs here for your convenience. The majority proposed deleting most of the plank. The minority wanted to keep most of the plank, and proposed more incremental improvements. Richard and Starchild, our representatives from San Francisco, worked hard on the minority report.

It is my opinion that the existing and minority LP California platforms are radical and principled, and take bold stances on important issues that Californians care about. It’s an important document that grassroots activists use when explaining how we apply the NAP to derive our positions. The majority platform, which mostly just references the national platform, is vague, doesn’t adequately explain our positions, and is therefore less useful than the minority platform.

There is a lot of appeal to deleting everything and starting fresh, but our current platform is a remarkable document, and each year we make striking improvements.

If you want more info, please ask!

majority platform proposals initial 2022.pdf (1.8 MB)
platform 2021.pdf (246.9 KB)
minority platform proposals 2022.pdf (250.3 KB)