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I got a preliminary list of candidates for the 2004 election today at the
Department of Elections. These are only the candidates of which San
Francisco is aware; if a candidate pulled papers in another county, then SF
won't know about them yet. Note the absence of a number of incumbents so
far; this means that they are probably intending to pay the full filing fee
rather than collecting signatures in lieu. More interesting is the absence
of major-party challengers to the incumbents or heirs apparent.

US Senate:
Marsha Fienland, Peace & Freedom
James Gray, Libertarian

US Congress, 8th District:
Michael Dilger, Libertarian
Leilanu Dowell, Peace & Freedom

US Congress, 12th District:
Patricia Gray, Green
Harland Harrison, Libertarian
Barry Hermanson, Green
Don Hill, Peace & Freedom

State Senate, 3rd District:
Ian Grimes, Peace & Freedom
Carole Migden, Democrat (filing fee paid)
David Rhodes, Libertarian

State Assembly, 12th District:
Christopher Maden, Libertarian

State Assembly, 13th District:
Colin Gallagher, Republican (filing fee paid)
Jonathan Marvin, Libertarian

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