Long day!

I campaign everywhere. Even in the "Jungle" (skid row under the freeway).

Dear Eric,

My first reaction to your saying that you campaign in "The Jungle"
was "What!?!" But then I remembered the story that one of our
Libertarian candidates once hired the homeless to carry campaign
signs, and the "authorities" told him to cease and desist because it
was against the law to have employees without the proper payroll
documentation, etc. I bet the homeless you speak with would love to
hear this story! I bet they would like to work where and when they
could find something to do; but our current labor laws do not allow
for that.

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I campaign everywhere. Even in the "Jungle" (skid row under the


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> Eric Dupree,
> I hope you are OK. What happened?
> Sincerely,
> Don Fields
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> Today I was left bloody after being blind sided.
> All is forgiven, even though I'm quite upset...
> Campaigning can be difficult!
> DuPree for Mayor '08
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