Local news items tailor-made for libertarian commentary

 The local news is full of stories that provide perfect jumping-off points for discussion of libertarian ideas. Case in point: This recent local story about "food deserts", neighborhoods where there are few or no places to buy fresh, healthy food items:

New Analysis Shows Almost 900 Bay Area Neighborhoods Are Inside 'Food Deserts' (New Analysis Shows Almost 900 Bay Area Neighborhoods Are Inside 'Food Deserts')

 I made a number of remarks in the reader comments below the story, both freestanding and in response to those posted by other commenters. A couple are attached – read more and add your own thoughts at the link above!

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Supermarkets are a socialized scam; anyone/entity between the consumer & the farmer/producer is already rife with corruption. Coming from family farmers from both parents, in the US/South & Costa Rica, I know there’s nothing better than growing your own food & quality & value decreases rapidly the further it gets from the grower. Modern grocers, in cahoots with #USgovt & our “medical” establishment elites, created the food pyramids & related schemes pushed for decades in #govtschools & elsewhere concepts like “three (3) square/balanced meals per day” when doctors have known for centuries that overeating/gluttony is the cause of 90% of modern diseases & dependency. Anyone with outdoor private property should grow at least 1 fruit tree ( My Mom has a small orchard ); the produce from which in a community of diverse growers would be more sustainable for that community & beyond — & less costly for consumers. If simply all US home owners with a back & front yards had one fruit or nut tree, most modern supermarkets would go out of business along with overpriced restaurant mafias; grow your own, cook your own.

Some libertarians reasonably & cogently note that #HEALTH is a primary tool for wealth & freedom given the high cost of healthcare & the sicker one is, the more they are dependent on others & #USgovt & thus cleave to fantasies about socialized schemes & systems.