Local chapter (San Francisco) news item for LP News

I'm submitting the following item about our ballot efforts for publication in LP News, the Libertarian Party's national print publication (saw a message stating they were looking for more state affiliate news for the upcoming issue).

I emailed LP News directly Mimi, so they should already have it. Just copied the state party list as an "FYI". I noticed Caryn Ann Harlos posting just today about still working on something for the newsletter, so I think it may not be too late for this issue. By next issue it would be quite dated, due to the regrettable infrequency of publishing these days.

  By the way, I spotted a couple minor errors in my quickly-written copy, which I've fixed in the version below – the word "intends" should have been deleted, and the word "slated" should be inserted before "to appear"; to anyone publishing or forwarding, please be sure to include these changes.

Love & Liberty,

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