LNC runs anti-Kennedy Poll

BTW, I've had some people ask me why I'm so defensive of an
"Independent, small-L libertarian."

Kennedy is a Big-L Libertarian -- a card-carrying member of the LP.
The Libertarian Association of Massachusetts (the LP affiliate in that
state) has been totally behind the Kennedy campaign since the
beginning (I believe they even recruited him), and they've been
begging LPHQ for MONTHS to cover his campaign.

The reason I believe their story about LPHQ's hostility is because of
my own recent interaction with LPHQ when I asked them to write
something about these full-body airport scanners, and I was basically
told to go away and stop bothering them, because it wasn't raising
them any money. Exact quote: "I have told many people including the
LNC that I am deliberately focusing on membership growth, fundraising,
and candidate recruitment, sometimes at the expense of the number of
press releases issued." Yet there seems to have been plenty of time
to put out this stupid poll.

I know that Chris and others seem to like Wes as ED (I like Wes
personally, BTW), but for whatever reason, whether intentionally or
unintentionally, he has played right into the hands of the
conservatives by covering only those issues that appeal to
Republicans. That may just be that Wes is indeed trying to minimize
time spent on press releases, so the few that he does are the ones
he's pressured to do by his conservative bosses on the LNC. So what
we need is for Wes to have a bunch of new bosses. :slight_smile:

Imagine what LP.org news section would look like if the ED were
answering to Phillies as Chair, Marbry as Vice-Chair, Oaksun as
Treasurer, Power as Secretary, etc., instead of the current



  Good points about the national leadership and the stupid poll undermining Joe Kennedy. I am going to write Wes to inquire about this issue. May I forward your comments here to him as part of that message?

  By the way, who is the "Oaksun" you list as running for Treasurer? I've heard Roger Gary is running, and he sounds like a good candidate. I'll support you for Secretary, and perhaps Carolyn for vice-chair -- I'd like to see more evidence that she has the right priorities, so will hold off on that one for now. Ernest Hancock is my choice for chair. I think he offers the kind of principled, dynamic, activist-oriented leadership the party needs to get out of its ideological crisis of confidence and consequent motivational malaise.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))