[Lnc-discuss] Elected Libertarians - as always, *quality* not just quantity!


  Please. The fact that I'm not immediately focused on your particular obsession (I have run three times for local office in the past ten years) hardly means I'm doing nothing to advance liberty! Nor is noting the importance of focusing not just on electing Libertarians but on seeking to ensure that the Libertarians we elect are fighting for liberty the same as "complaining about what other Libertarians are doing to make this country more free."

  Nevertheless, thank you for alerting me to the online database of board and commission appointments created last year at SF 311. I'm passing that info along to our local lists, and may indeed use it to seek another appointment myself [a few years ago I was nearly appointed, with the support of its then-chair, to SF's (now-defunct) Skateboarding Task Force].

  Meanwhile, here is the list (from your own previous email!) of elected Libertarians in the county you live in (Santa Clara county, CA):

John Inks
Mountain View City Council
Population 74,000

Brian Holtz
Purissima Hills Water District
Population approx. 6,000

  Will you let us know what these two elected Libertarians in your county have been doing in their positions to advance freedom since gaining office, and how other Libertarians can help them in those struggles, if applicable? (I'm also copying John and Brian on this message, in case they'd like to weigh in and comment directly themselves -- err, make that indirectly via myself or another LNC member, since they unfortunately aren't allowed to post on the LNC list themselves.)

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee