[Lnc-business] Outreach Committee [committee members wanted!]

LP chair Geoff Neale just put out a message (see below) about populating the Outreach Committee of the Libertarian National Committee. As you can see from his reference to the LNC Policy Manual, the purpose of this committee is largely about prioritizing which non-LP groups to reach out to, and determining messaging to those groups.

  Therefore it would be good to have some Libertarians on this committee who are committed to balancing the party's outreach/appeal to people on the right with outreach/appeal to people on the left, and who understand that the Libertarian Party needs to be a radical voice championing Non Aggression and other libertarian principles and will not support an approach to outreach that involves watering down or downplaying what we stand for.

  If you share these goals (as I assume everyone in the Grassroots Libertarians Caucus does, and many others receiving this message presumably do as well), I would be happy to nominate you myself, although I would encourage you to seek support from other members of the LNC as well. As Geoff notes, the chair has sole appointment power (not a good policy, imho, but that's where we are right now), so if you can get the support of people on the committee whom he likes/listens to more than he likes or listens to me, that will probably serve you in good stead. You don't need to be formally nominated of course, and can self-nominate simply by sending Geoff an email letting him know you are interested in the position. Along with your email, it's generally encouraged to include some info about your libertarian background or qualifications and why you should be on the committee. If you do apply, please copy me on the email and I'll forward it to the LNC-discuss list.

  I may apply myself; I haven't decided yet. The Policy Manual requires three out of the five committee slots to be filled by LNC members -- again not a good policy imho, as I believe we should be trying to broaden participation in the party's leadership and not just have the same small group of people doing everything. Geoff also hints below that he may be thinking of appointing staff to one of those two seats. If he's determined to do that, he can of course do it regardless of how many people apply, but it would be a shame if he tapped insiders to fill those two seats because few non-LNC members bothered to express an interest.

  For a committee like this, I don't believe it's generally expected that you be able to travel to meet in person with other members of the committee or attend LNC meetings, but if you are able to do so, I would suggest mentioning this in your application, as I expect it could only increase your chances of being appointed.

  As always, please feel free to call me or get in touch if you have questions about this or any other LNC matters. If you're interested in staying in the loop, you are also welcome and encouraged to subscribe to the public reflector list where I forward the LNC email traffic (send a message to LNCDiscussPublic@yahoogroups.com and follow the directions to subscribe). Please note this is a heavy volume list (although there's of course no requirement to read everything), and I remain behind in forwarding messages so the material is not always as current as this; I am trying to get caught up on the forwards as time/energy permit.

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